What is the best form of gold to invest in?

What is the best form of gold to invest in?

What is the best form of gold to invest in?

Clearly you must be asking why is gold so important or precious and what exactly is all these noise about? 

Well, the mind behind my writing is that I do not want you to be ignorant of your financial / investment / retirement future and plan. 

You should not leave in the dark ages in matters related to gold and precious metals, thus I present to you the infallible reason why gold should be a part of your investment combo.

1. Asset Diversification. 

When investment vehicles are considered, there's usually an old saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket".

Although some critics say that put all your eggs in the same basket and see it, good luck to them. 

Reasonable and prudent investors should ensure that at least 5% of their investment portfolio is gold and precious metals.

2. The Continued Existence of Gold 

What is the best form of gold to invest in?

The fact is that the human age outside of gold and as long as the world remains, gold will remain in continuity. 

Gold is superior to other assets, products or investments (buildings, vehicles, stocks, bonds, etc.) as the value of these properties may disappear with the passage of time and the prevailing economic phenomenon. 

For example, the global stock market saga of the year 2008; You also have to incur maintenance costs to keep them in good shape.

How to Invest in Gold for Beginners

Gold, on the other hand, does not erode value, nor is it oxidized, regardless of the number of years that we are considering.

3. Security of Gold

Gold is finite in supply. The data showed that the annual global production of gold is around 2,500 tonnes and the value of gold worldwide is estimated at US $ 9 billion. 

You shopped in gold now instead of regretting it in later years.

4. Status Symbol

What is the best form of gold to invest in?

Without pronouncing the words, gold is highly attractive to the eyes and has a powerful influence on human nature / race. 

In fact, China and India are well known for the high value of gold, which they have kept as their reserves of wealth, so their wealth is expressed by the quantity and quality of gold you possess.

Benefits of Gold Investment

It wants to belong to the most investor / social / political class in human nature, so the value of the gold you have in some society will determine that you belong to the elite.

5. Counterparty Risk.

Gold is absolutely excluded from counterparty risk. The said word means that you are placing your trust in the other party's ability to perform on the due date. 

Examples of buying stocks, employers and employees will be better explained.

You buy the stock from the capital market in anticipation of dividends, price appreciation and cash in the subsequent year.

It is possible that the stock market may fall before your target date or in the case of an employee working for an employer, it is expected that upon retirement the employer will pay gratuity and pension but the employer may forego retirement. 

All these scenarios cannot be for gold because it is tangible, in your possession and you can easily convert it into a lot of your best cash.

6. Replacement Insurance Policy

The purpose of an insurance policy is to keep you in the exact financial position you enjoy before the loss. 

If you have the same then Sona can also play the same role. At the time of the national crisis (war) as experienced in Africa - Liberia and Rwanda, 1Kg of gold can provide a person with an aptitude for life again.

7. Bull Market (Gold). 

When you read a guide or advisory on commodities or safety, the disclaimer usually begins as such and the summary is "past performance is not a guarantee of future results".

What is the best form of gold to invest in?

What is the best form of gold to invest in?

Therefore, gold has been exempted from that pattern and since the beginning of the new millennium; Gold gained momentum with double digit gains.

8. Anchor against deflation

Of course, while there is an open secret that the economic downturn is now a global phenomenon, the rising debt of nations (for example the United States and Britain) can lead to deflation with potentially catastrophic economic effects. It is after this that the value of the assets will be depleted, but gold has flexibility and despite the economic challenges, its value is better.

9. Geopolitical Risk. 

Wars, terrorism (USA - unforgettable 911), natural disasters and other associated threats have characterized global society today. 

For example in times of war, security and the survival of the individual are major concerns, there will certainly be economic paralysis and recession. Key assets; Real estate, financial instruments, other assets and cash would be next to worthless in currency value. 

At such times, gold provides peace of mind and the value remains constant.

10. Value stores. 

Historically, gold has a backup track record of thousands of years, the best reserves of value. 

Despite the economic and global conditions (technological changes, trends, developments, etc.), the acceptance and continuity of value in gold was characterized. 

Therefore, gold is your best bet to protect your investments, retirement and give your assets to the next generation.

11. Gold is a money backer

 History suggests that gold coins were first minted and brought into circulation by 550 BC; Gold is the longest and permanent wealth. Internally, the sun will rise until tomorrow, gold is a form of money-back.


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